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  1. Bob Mottram ('s status on Thursday, 28-Dec-2017 12:07:54 GMT Bob Mottram Bob Mottram
    From The future will be technical:

    If we want our community to grow sustainably, and for our future to be properly solarpunk, this is what I feel we should do:

    • Recognize the wound in us, caused by a highly technological world we no longer understand and are actively discouraged from understanding.

    • Understand that most of our "non-dev" friends carry this wound, though they may not articulate it.

    • Feed a culture where new people are encouraged to be collaborators, not consumers, no matter the background they are coming from.

    • Choose to grow organically, using methods that are radically different from the modern web strategy of “grow like a hockey stick then bounce off the tip!”. This likely means growing slowly, but intentionally.

    • When building or writing for the verse, choose the path that empowers and enlightens, which may not be the slickest or simplest path.

    • When the most empowering path requires technical skill, offer the resources for any scuttler to learn these skills. It is always better to articulate than obscure.

    • Check the language of any of our technical docs, to make sure it is inviting and empowering, and not filled with the closed-off culture of the larger tech world. Be conscious that any readme can be an invitation to our incredible coded world.

    • Keep being awesome.