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  1. Bob Mottram ('s status on Sunday, 17-Dec-2017 10:10:46 GMT Bob Mottram Bob Mottram

    Fediverse survival guide

    • Unlike Twitter, usernames are not unique.

    • If you're expecting to be a celebrity with millions of followers then you're out of luck. Mass broadcast is not what federated systems are about.

    • Instances means servers which federate posts between them.

    • There isn't any guaranteed way to delete or edit a post, so think twice before you post.

    • This is a purely public system. If you want genuinely private chat then use other apps, such as Conversations.

    • Be nice. Avoid outrage culture and block users who engage in that.

    • Don't be afraid to block bad users or bad instances, but keep instance blocks to the minimum possible because collective punishment is bad and it's good to have opinions which are not hostile but merely different.

    • Run your own instance if you can. This increases the robustness of the federation overall, and reduces the risk from bad admins. The more users there are on a single instance, the more likely it is to turn into a Twitter-like hellscape.