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  1. Bob Mottram ('s status on Monday, 27-Nov-2017 21:29:16 GMT Bob Mottram Bob Mottram
    Issues around the policing of content and advertising, featuring the fediverse's @aral.

    This indicates to me how these social media silos might come to an end. They will try (and have been) to devise sophisticated algorithms to identify content which advertisers don't approve of, but my prediction is that unless they can devise AI-complete algorithms with the same diverse and conflicting moral dispositions as international advertisers then this will mean that they will need to employ an ever larger number of human censors - a sort of privatized 50 cent army - in order to placate their customers. The growing human employment, with demands for bad content to be taken down immediately, will eventually arrest their growth and break their business model.

    I think that effective policing of content can only be done by communities themselves, but that wouldn't work within a monolithic framework like YouTube which depends on automated censorship for its profitability.