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    Pieter Hintjens 20 tools for successful community:

    • Strong mission -- the stated reason for the group's existence

    • Free entry -- how easy it is for people to join the group

    • Transparency -- how openly and publicly decisions are made

    • Free contributors -- how far people are paid to contribute

    • Full remixability -- how far contributors can remix each others' work

    • Strong protocols -- how well the rules are written

    • Fair authority -- how well the rules are enforced

    • Non-tribalism -- how far the group claims to own its participants

    • Self-organization -- how far individuals can assign their own tasks

    • Tolerance -- how the group embraces conflicts

    • Measurable success -- how well the group can measure its progress

    • High scoring -- how the group rewards its participants

    • Decentralization -- how widely the group is spread out

    • Free workspaces -- how easy it is to create new projects

    • Smooth learning -- how easy it is to get started and keep learning

    • Regular structure -- how regular and predictable the overall structure is

    • Positivity -- how far the group is driven by positive goals

    • Sense of humor -- how seriously the group takes itself

    • Minimalism -- how much excess work the group does

    • Sane funding -- how the group survives economically