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  1. Bob Mottram ('s status on Wednesday, 14-Jun-2017 12:17:33 BST Bob Mottram Bob Mottram
    On Bernie Sanders comments about Corbyn, I think it would be going too far to say that Corbyn stood against the ruling class of the UK. If he did do that he would be openly anti-monarchist.

    What Corbyn did stand against was the orthodoxy of the Labour party, which followed the idea of capturing a mythological middle ground and becoming "Red Tories". In the aftermath of 2008 if that middle ground ever really existed it has been heavily eroded by a combination of austerity and the action of technological unemployment on traditional middle class clerical jobs.

    One small indicator of the depletion of the middle classes is that whenever I go for job interviews there is never any receptionist. It's always a case of sign yourself in and maybe press a telecom button. If there is a front desk it always looks like it hasn't been occupied for years.